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Catholic Metro Sports

In Christus Vivit, Pope Francis says that there is a need to renew youth ministry and to connect to our youth in innovative ways. (CV 208-209) Sports programs are one way to provide outreach to our youth; sports and young people tend to go together.


Catholic Metro Sports sees sports programs as an opportunity to evangelize the youth and build up our parish communities. The Archdiocese of Atlanta acts as a liaison with Catholic Metro Sports as one part of a comprehensive youth ministry program to evangelize our youth and help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Church should not underestimate the potential of sports for education and formation, but instead maintain a strong presence there. The world of sport needs to be helped to overcome some of its problematic aspects, such as the idolization of champions, subservience to commercial interests and the ideology of success at any cost. At the heart of the experience of sport is joy: the joy of exercising, of being together, of being alive and rejoicing in the gifts the Creator gives us each day.

- Pope Francis, Christus Vivit 227

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