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Multi-Parish Youth Ministry Resources

Meeting the youth ministry needs for a single parish can be challenging but meeting the needs of multiple parishes is a whole other ballgame. Below you will find some resources that might be of assistance when working with multi parish youth ministry programs. This new and organic resource for multi parish youth ministry programs can always benefit from your input. If you know of other resources on this topic, please submit them to

Multi-Culture Resources 

Throughout the United States we experience a profound demographic shift as Hispanics, Asians, Caribbean people, Africans and many other communities of non-European origin are on the rise. Today as ever the Church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promote the life and dignity of each and every human being has much to do with insight into cultures. Catholic parishes are moving from monocultural patterns to ones we call “shared,” that is, to parishes in which more than one language, racial or cultural group seek to celebrate the Eucharist and embody Christian community. (USCCB)

Below you will find some resources that you may find useful:

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